Who We Help

Supporting People in Need

All of our services except our Immigration casework and representation service are free. Our services are for all individuals and families but as we are a charity this means the services we can offer depends on the funding we receive. Some of our services are only for people living in a property with a Northamptonshire postcode or who live in a specific District of Northamptonshire. Some of our services have specific eligibility criteria and are for specific client groups e.g. people on a low income or people with health problems or a disability.

For our Housing Advice services you will need to be eligible for Legal Aid funding. In this case, we will ask you to provide evidence of your income and personal situation before we take your case on. If you are in receipt of Universal Credit and/or other benefits or on a low income it is likely that you will be eligible for Legal Aid funding. We will assess your eligibility when you contact us but more information about the criteria is available here.

Our services are in high demand. Sometimes we cannot help everyone who needs it. If this is the case, we will always signpost you to other sources of help. We may be able to provide you with some initial advice to help you take the steps you need to solve your problem.

“You have significantly improved my money situation and now I can sleep better knowing my finances are in order”

In 2019/20 of the 9,776 people advised:


lived in rented accommodation


had physical or mental health problems and /or had a disability


had dependent children


were aged over 50 years


were from BME communities


For general enquires, please contact us on:


01604 621038


01933 313020


01933 313020