The Budget March 2021 & Benefits

Posted 05 March 2021


After much speculation and pressure on the Government, it has been announced that the £20 a week Universal Credit increase introduced at the start of the pandemic is to be extended for six months, and for claimants on Working Tax Credit the uplift will be replaced by a one-off payment of £500 which will be paid in April.
From April 2021, Universal Credit advances can be repaid over 24 months, not 12.  For claimants having deductions from their Universal Credit the maximum rate at which deductions can be taken will reduce from 30 percent to 25 percent of the standard allowance.
Working tax credit claimants who have been furloughed, or had a temporary reduction in their working hours as a result of Covid-19, will continue to be treated as working their normal hours for the duration of the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme, which currently is due to end in September.

“Children subject to immigration control, and particularly those awaiting a decision or on a short term period of leave to remain in the UK, reported experiencing high levels of anxiety, stress and fear in relation to their insecure immigration status, their uncertainty about their future in the UK and the possibility of being forced to return to their countries of origin. The trauma caused by living in a ‘state of limbo’ emerged as the dominant source of stress and anxiety in migrant children’s lives, and the most important determinant of their wellbeing. It also reduced their ability to recover from trauma they had experienced in the past.”

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