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We accept direct referrals from a wide range of voluntary sector organisations, housing officers, support and community workers. We can help with: Debt, Welfare Benefit, Housing and Immigration issues. Simply complete the Online Referral form below or Download our referral form (pdf) for faxing, posting or emailing.


We are experiencing unprecedented numbers of referrals. As a result, we have to ensure our finite resources are directed to those who need our Services the most. We have added extra questions to this form to allow us to more quickly identify these people.  This also means we may not be able to accept all referrals.  We will contact you if we are unable to accept the referral.

Prior to making a referral please check the information below to ensure this is an enquiry we can assist with. If the advice needed is not listed below, we are unable to assist – please do not make a referral.

We are currently unable to accept any referral for a benefit entitlement check. Clients needing to establish their entitlement to benefits or additional benefit income should use an online benefits checker or contact Citizens Advice Services.

The wait for contact following a referral is currently 10-15 working days. If there is an imminent deadline within this time it is the responsibility of the client to request an extension.



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    By submitting this form you are confirming that you have permission to refer this client and the client consents to being contacted via the contact information provided.

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