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About Our Immigration Advice Service

Our advisers are able to provide high quality legal advice on all immigration matters.  We have been awarded funding to offer some work without charge, but for other work we have a low cost fixed fee service at no profit to ourselves.  This not for profit service provided by our charity was introduced following the Government cuts to Legal Aid Funding for Immigration advice as we were concerned about access to advice and the high charges of some private solicitor firms. We are able to offer the same legal advice and support as private firms at a much lower cost. We have 20 years experience of providing specialist Immigration advice. Our Immigration Team are accredited qualified staff and Community Law Service is authorised by The Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner to provide Immigration advice to Level 3.

What help can we offer you?

We offer a full range of Immigration Advice which includes:

  • Free Initial Assessment – at our drop in sessions
  • Free Assessment for Fee Waiver Applications and a 1 hour follow up appointment for advice on associated applications
  • Advice on applications in relation to children
  • Entry Clearance Applications – Spouses, Fiancés and Partners, Other Relatives, Visitors.
  • EU Settlement Scheme Applications
  • Registration – of Minors
  • Naturalisation – Adults and Children
  • Appeals – Lodging Notice of Appeal, Grounds of Appeal, Full Representation
  • Challenging Public Funding Restriction
  • Travel documents
  • Form Checking Service

For details of our charges see Immigration Fixed Fees


Advice Service
is independent
and confidential


OISC  regulation reference F202100281

Community Law Service is authorised by OISC to provide Immigration advice to Level 3

How can you access this service?

1. We provide free initial advice and assessment for a maximum of 15 minutes per person at our drop in sessions.

Should you then require a more detailed consultation appointment this can be booked for you for a fee of £60 inclusive of VAT payable at the time of the appointment.

2. You can be referred to us by an organisation that is already supporting you. The organisation can make a referral via this website.

3. You can make an enquiry at any of our offices or by calling our main switchboard Telephone 01604 621038 and your call will be referred on to our immigration Department as appropriate.

4. You can email your enquiry to

O1604 621038  General Enquiries

See Contact Us for details of our office opening hours.

In 2022 – 2023 we provided specialist Immigration advice and help with claims and appeals for 345 people

“The last two years were very complicated for my family until we found your service. I am really pleased with the outcome and with your handling of our case.”

Case Study

Ms A had entered the UK with a visit visa several years ago and had overstayed her visa. She was married to a man who held leave to remain status and the couple had 3 young children who had no leave to remain status. Unfortunately, the marriage was abusive and Ms A had sought assistance from Social Services and the police.  Her husband was made to leave their home and Ms A and the children were being financially supported by Social Services. With no recourse to public funds she had been advised by Social Services to leave the UK and relocate with her children to  Ghana their country of nationality. The children had been born and were being educated in the UK and Ms A did not want to return to Ghana. However, she had no funds to pay the £8,132 application fees to apply for leave to remain for herself and the children

Advice Provided:

Ms A was advised to make a fee waiver application and then an application for leave to remain based on human rights (Article 8), with the 3 children included as dependents. She was provided with a list of supporting documents that needed to be submitted with the applications. Ms A provided the supporting documents and the 2 application forms were completed and submitted. 


The fee waiver application was successful and her leave to remain application was processed and was successful. The family were granted leave to remain for 2.5 years, on a 10-year route to settlement which gave access to public funds and the right to work. Ms A and the children now have the right to live in the UK independent from their abusive husband/father.













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