Children’s Benefit
Take-up Project

The Project

The Project is funded by a three year grant from BBC Children In Need.

Specialist advice and support is provided to ensure ill and disabled children receive all the benefits and any grants to which they are entitled to help meet the cost of any additional needs associated with their health problems or disability.

Access is also facilitated to other services which improve the lives of the children and young people such as vehicles via the Motability Scheme and aids or adaptations for homes or gardens.

In addition to supporting the care and mobility needs of children and young people the securing of additional income can also help with the costs of accessing social activities, contribute to providing a safer home environment and help to support increased independence both at home and in the community.


Specialist advice on:

  • Disability Benefits for Children and Young People
  • Other Welfare Benefits and grants for the Family


We can offer you:

  • Benefit checks to identify which benefits you are entitled to claim
  • Benefit checks to identify which benefits you are entitled to claim
  • Help with completion of forms
  • Negotiation with other agencies e.g. Dept for Work and Pensions and local councils
  • Access to grants
  • Help with challenging decisions
  • Representation at tribunals
  • Office or outreach venue based appointments or home visits if needed


How to Access the Project Services

Contact the Team :  

Tel : 01604 624070

Agencies can Make a Referral via our website

During 2018 – 2020 the Project has supported 542 children and young people and their families and helped them to claim £2,563,678 in additional Welfare Benefit and grant income.  

“It would have been so difficult to apply for my son’s Disability Living Allowance on my own. The advisor was so helpful and was able to do it much better. So happy.”

Case Study

Client’s circumstances

Miss M aged 16 had been refused Personal Independence Payment (PIP). She had a significant hearing impairment and poor short term memory.  Her hearing difficulties were seriously affecting her studies and social interactions.

Miss M was currently studying for her A levels and wanted to go to University to complete a veterinarian degree, but her disabilities were affecting her studies. She needed a lot of specialist equipment to help with her hearing difficulties, but as she was not in receipt of a disability benefit she needed to fund this equipment herself.  Without this equipment she did not feel she was able to pass her exams that she needed to enter further education.

Advice Provided

Miss M was assisted to appeal the PIP decision. Supporting evidence was obtained from her college, GP and consultant. to accompany her appeal  submission.


The appeal was allowed and Miss M was awarded PIP totalling £145.35 a week and a backdated payment of £4,515.Entitlement to PIP also entitled to Miss M to claim Employment Support Allowance which gave her a further £57.90 of weekly income. The additional income allowed her to afford the specialist equipment she needed and her college was now able to apply for a Bursary for further special equipment.

A few months later we were advised by Miss M that thanks to the support offered through the Children in Need funded Project had been able to successfully complete her examinations and had been offered a scholarship with the Royal Veterinary College of London.


For general enquires, please contact us on:


01604 621038


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